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Page Authority Checker - Check Web Page Authority

Small business owners and freelancers who own blogs or websites need to understand how to use website tools to improve their site's performance; one of such tools is the page authority checker. It should be noted that the Page Authority Checker is an important one for the success of a website because the knowing the authority of your site page is useful information to monitor the performance of your site and take the right approach to make necessary changes to your site.

What is page authority?

In the efforts to provide information on the ranking performance of a website on the web, the SEO resource giant, Moz developed the page authority metric for pages to predict how a particular page will rank on search engines. As expected, Moz based the data of the page authority on many factors which help to determine the authority of a page. The metric is a score scale is 100 in which a page is scored; the higher a page score, the better its performance on SERPS. However, growing your page at the upper end of the scale is not as easy as it gets in the lower end of the scale.

What is page authority checker?

Knowing the performance of your site’s page is necessary for your page performance. It helps you to put more efforts at achieving a higher position on the authority scale which boosts your page ranking in overall searches on search engines. A page authority checker is a valuable tool that allows you to check multiple pages at the same time to know your page authority position.

Benefits of page authority checker

Using the page authority checker is beneficial in many ways including the following:

  • Improve website performance. Knowing your page authority helps you to intensify efforts at tweaking and to improve your site's activities to perform better in overall user experience; this effort is helpful to how search engines rank your site and help it perform better in search results.
  • Contributes to know the page requiring more of your attention to improving. Think of page authority checker as a diagnostic tool because it lets you know the position of your page where more attention could be focused on better performance.
  • It is important SEO and domain improvement. You can use a page authority checker to look at a competitor’s page to see their score and understand why they seem to perform better and your goal to achieve something similar.

How to use Fox Seo page authority tool

Using Fox Seo page authority checker is easy and takes the following steps to accomplish:

  • Enter your page URL into the space provided on the Page Authority Checker; you can enter up to 20 URLs on separate lines.
  • Enter the code in the image verification as provided.
  • Click the submit button.
  • Wait for the page authority checker to process your request and give you the result.

Using Fox Seo page authority checker is free, and you can also use other resources on the site to improve your overall site performance. Getting information about the present position of your site gives you the tool to improve your site's performance.