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DNS holds crucial information about a website. It is an acronym for Domain Name System; a system of naming for computers and everything associated with it for connecting to the internet. The DNS holds vital information regarding any online resource and its activities on the web. Therefore, poorly configured website information can result in suboptimal service delivery with undesirable consequences.

How DNS works

DNS makes it possible for internet users to find information about a website and be able to locate it without needing advanced web knowledge. Every website has an IP address which is a string of numbers. Not many people can use this information to find your site. But a DNS makes it possible to write website address in a humanly comprehensible language for easy access; your email address inclusive.

Beyond the text you type to represent a site, other details are available that are not known to you unless you use a special tool to locate and find that information. Without such information, you cannot setup your website details and resources successfully.

How do you find information on the DNS of a site?

For your website to function, ideally, on the internet, you need to setup various parameters for it. You also need information about other valuable services to include in your website to function. By just getting the human readable word of a site, you don’t know so much about the site until you use a tool to find that information for you. This is where the Fox SEO Find DNS Records tool comes handy to provide you with the information you need.

What is Find DNS Records?

The Find DNS Records is a lookup tool that provides the authoritative, primary, information about a domain name. It contains details about a domain to help you with proper information setup for a website as required to function well.

How to use Find DNS Records

Find DNS Records is easy to use. On the Find DNS Records page, you will see the Enter a URL box below the title. Next, you will see an Image Verification heading with a Code and a Box below.

  • In the box provided for entering the url, type in your URL.
  • In the Image Verification, enter the code in the box provided.
  • Hit the submit button to send your request for a find DNS.
  • Wait for your report to appear; it takes a few seconds.

Fox SEO Tools is a useful site to resolve most website issues. The Find DNS Records is one of the useful tools on the site you can use for free anytime you want it.