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If you own a blog or website and wish to be seen and visited by the millions of people who search the internet for information in your particular niche, you need to be cognizant of search engine optimization techniques. You have competitors who are also jostling to be on the first page of relevant search engines and it is very important that you rank on the first page as well, since most information seekers/online buyers rarely go beyond the first or second page.

The rules keep changing every year regarding search engine optimization, thanks to the numerous algorithms that are rolled out periodically by the search engines. In view of this, certain SEO ranking strategies or factors have to be put in place in order for you to be found easily for this year . The SEO ranking factors to observe for this year are as follows:

In-depth keyword research

Though there has not been much change in this field, a website owner needs to be able to determine the type of keywords that is appropriate for user queries since the search engine giant, Google has begun developing and using shrewd codes to further enhance users’ experience when using it. There are very helpful methods to obtain keywords that will magnetize the caliber of business client you desire to your blog or website. The areas are as follow:

  • Make use of keyword research tools such as our Keywords Suggestion ToolUbersuggestSEMrush, the free Google Keyword Planner tool and others to discover trendy and less competitive keywords;
  • Deep evaluation of your own blog or site in order to identify relevant keywords that are already drawing quality traffic to your site/blog;
  • Visiting and exploring your competitors’ websites, especially the pages that rank highly on search engines with the purpose of determining the keywords they are targeting;
  • Beaming your focus on long-tail keywords since short-tail keywords are most of the time, usually taken or very competitive.

These are the points to put in mind when creating content on your blog or website that will aid in the ranking of your page.SEO Ranking Factors

Content marketing

If the first step is followed strictly, that is, relevant keywords (advisably, long-tail keywords) are found, incorporating these keywords in your content will also help in pushing you up the ranking pages. Of course, you have to ensure that the content on your website or blog is relevant, always up to date and well-researched to satisfy visitors every day.

Build links

Gone are the days when links were built using very expensive software and spammed everywhere. Even Google were conned and gave relevance to those links. But lately, Google and other search engines have wised up and such links were taken down. These days, for your website/blog to become relevant in Google’s eyes, you have to earn those links. This is because building of links is nonetheless an important ranking feature. To earn links that even

Google will respect, you need to utilize Guest Blogging. The style of writing of guest bloggers may differ from yours, and it just may be a breath of fresh air to your existing as well as new and targeted visitors. You can also engage the use of Social Media as a great tool to building quality backlinks. Indeed, Google has stated times without number that it does not regard sharing of content or likes on social media networks as ‘links’; but when you have high-quality content that draws massive interest, this culminates in building of excellent links to your website/blog.

On-Page Search Engine Optimization

In this year , there are some factors regarding on-page SEO that must be taken into consideration. One of them is the use of long content. It has been observed that Google has a preference for long and thoroughly-researched content with word count in the region of 1,000-1,300 words. There must be proper use of keywords in the entire article with emphasis on the title of the content, the introductory as well as the conclusive paragraphs of such content. Another rising trend that was observed last year and is guaranteed to continue this year is the use of header and meta-tags, in the same way as “ad-copy” in results that show up in search engines. Other SEO ranking factors include:

  • Optimum structuring of content with easily navigable menus, bullet points that break up the monotony of articles, and the utilization of internal links to direct users as well as search engines throughout the entire content,

Mobile Search Engine Optimization

Almost everyone uses on form of mobile device or another. Another rising trend that most marketers are becoming aware of is the important of mobile SEO. If your blog or website is mobile-friendly, you will discover that your site will experience massive mobile traffic. It is really a very huge market for web owners to consider and utilize to their own advantage. That means, you need to have a mobile version of your blog or website established. On mobile sites, the following are the points to note and do;

  • Ensure that the content on your mobile website is easily structured for mobile devices and have short, bulleted content with lower word count for users to easily read through
  • Ads should either be kept at a minimum or excluded totally in order to enhance the loading speed of the mobile site
  • Ensure that the mobile site is light enough for quick loading, since websites that load slowly tend to irritate users and they may end up going off to your competitors’ sites and you will have lost them forever.

If all these SEO ranking factors are put in place and followed to the letter, you will begin to see steady improvement as your blog or website climbs to the top of ranking pages, thereby bringing you torrents of highly-targeted organic traffic!


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