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06/05/2019 12:00 AM by Admin in Review

Whether you’re an SEO agency handling a plethora of clients or an individual webmaster managing a small-and-medium sized business, measurement of key metrics is essential to know if you’re heading down the right path. Businesses today track data about rankings, referrals, backlinks, social stats to help them better analyze their SEO strategies and create successful road maps. This way they come to know what’s working best and what’s going down the drain.

Today, we will be reviewing this newly launched digital marketing toolset called Mondovo. It's an all-in-one SEO & Social Media based tool that helps manage a business more effectively so that you can aim your efforts in the right direction. So without wasting any more time, let's get started:

1) The UI and Registration

When you first land on, the interface appears quite simple and is very easy to interpret. The sign up process takes less than 2-3 minutes and once all the activation and verification is done, you land up on the dashboard that looks something like this:


Mondovo - Dashboard

As you can see the dashboard screenshot above, on the left side, you have all the tools mentioned under the respective headings – SEO, Social and Google Analytics. You also have the reports section that lists out all the reports generated till date. The 'Units Log' keeps a track of the units deducted for various tool. Below that your units balance is displayed along with the validity of your plan.

The center portion shows you quick links to various tools, Google analytics data (available only if you have configured google analytics), Facebook insights (You need to authorize your Facebook account for this) and search rankings (You need to configure rankings monitor tool for this).

The header portion displays your current campaign, notifications as well as your account settings.

Overall I feel this is the most simple and neat layout I have come across during my usage of various tools. The guys @Mondovo know how to keep things sweet and simple.

2) The Tools & Other Features

Mondovo consists of roughly 13-14 sub-tools that deal with each and every aspect of your website, marketing, social media and analytics. But in this review, I will be discussing only about a few prominent tools (which I personally used)  and how they will be helpful to you.

a) Rankings Monitor

Mondovo’s ranking monitor tool allows you to track your website’s location on the search engines locally as well as globally. You will also be able to identify and analyze the performance of your important keywords. Not only that, this tool will also warn you if there’s any algorithmic update by Google and its effect on your rankings. Once you fill up the form, the generated report will look something like this:


With this ranking monitor data, you can:

  1. Identify keywords that have dropped/increased in rankings
  2. Get alerted about new algorithmic updates
  3. Craft awesome proposals to impress your clients

3) Link Research

Mondovo’s link research tool allows you to not only decipher your competitor’s linking strategy but also analyze your own backlinks. This tool makes it easy to identify the places from where your competitor’s are getting links and where they are linking to. Apart from this, you can also keep a track of your own internal and external backlink structure. You can also find and fix broken links using this tool.

This tool is really helpful if you're looking to find new linking opportunities (guest blogging) and build new relationships.

4) Website Audit & On-Page Analyzer

Mondovo’s website audit tool tells you exactly where your website is going wrong – missing meta titles, duplicate titles, linking details, duplicate content, missing alt tags, internal and external links, HTML optimization and lastly social metrics

There is another tool ‘On page analyzer’ that lets you inspect individual pages of your website and take corrective action. This will make sure the search engines love each and every page of your website.

5) Keyword Research

Mondovo consists of two powerful keyword tools that you won’t find in any other SEO toolbox. Using just a few short seed keywords, you can generate enormous list of long tail keywords. Alternatively you can also stalk your rivals and see the keywords for which they are ranking for in the online space. You can also get to know the search volume for specific keywords using this tool.

6) Social Tools

Mondovo’s social toolset comes with tools that you can use to monitor and analyze your performance on Facebook and Twitter. Not only this, you can even spy on your competitors' and use their strategies to sneak ahead of them. Here are some different ways in which you can use the data obtained:

  • You can view and manage your Facebook & Twitter accounts without even logging into Facebook & Twitter
  • You can track and analyze your pages' reach across various time periods
  • You can get to know your fans and followers inside out
  • You can get all the details pertaining to your rivals at a single place

7) Traffic & Conversions

Mondovo uses the popular Google Analytics to gather data about your visitors. With this you can be aware of your traffic sources and be in the right place at the right time. Our integrated tool also tracks your visitor activity so that you can tweak your website accordingly. So once you’re done authorizing your Google account, the summary page that comes up will appear something like this –


Overall, if you ask me, I would recommend this toolset for every online marketer out there who believe in following the KISS principle. The provision to compare multiple URLs, generate content ideas, perform an in-depth site audit and track the SEO and social activities of your nearest rivals are some of the highlights of this tool. And at only $29/month, this is quite affordable especially when you compare it to the more expensive options available out there.


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