What is the perfect image size for Social Media Marketing?

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We all are well versed with the fact that any content posted in the form of an image is more likely to grab the attention of visitors than that ordinary plain- texted content and videos. Images hardly take a few seconds to convey information or fun content to the readers. However, while posting pictures, you must ensure that the size of the image on social media platforms should be good enough, so that the pixels don’t affect its quality in any case. The guide to find the perfect image size for different social media marketing platforms is mentioned as follows:


On Facebook, if you are sharing images directly with your friends, their size should be at least 470 pixels. The landscape image having width less than 470 pixels will be adjusted to the left side along with the default white space to the right for coping up with the extra space. For portrait images, it is suggested to resize it up to the height of 394 pixels.

If you are recreating images for your websites, it is advised to post large sized images, because of their high visibility and clarity on Facebook. The image with 560 * 292 dimensions is going to look great when shared on this social media platform. For ensuring the best quality images while uploading, the one that is 1200 pixels wide would be an ideal choice.

TwitterSocial Media Image Size

When you are all set to post a picture on Twitter, you must recheck if its width compromises 506 pixels and height is of 253 pixels. The dimensions of an image should not exceed 1024 * 512 pixels in any case. For all images, the ratio of height to their width should always be 1:2. If there is some irregularity in ratio, it may result in the elimination of some crucial bits.

Google Plus

The height of the photos in Google Plus is adjusted as per their width. The width of these images should be at least 346 pixels, with a width of 800 pixels being the maximum. If the width of the image is not that much, it will be shown in the form of a thumbnail i.e. 150 * 150 pixels. In order to choose an accurate image, open graph tags can be used as well.


The pin posts carry a width of 238 pixels and adjustments are made to the height accordingly. However, in case of expanded pins, width of 736 pixels is considered. The aspect ratio between 2:3 and 4:5 is quite popular and easily noticeable for vertical images on Pinterest.

By knowing about these image sizes, it must have been conveyed that a single image size can’t work for every social media platform. The image size that is suitable for Facebook posts can’t look great on Pinterest. These image dimensions, if correctly adjusted, will certainly help you attract large audience for your posts. However, making genuine modifications in color and light effects smartlya, can transform these well sized images for better.

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