How To Increase Page Authority and Domain Authority Step By Step

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Increase Page and Domain Authority

Domain Authority and Page Authority are the most crucial things which need to be considered for improving the rank of your website in search engines. The only difference between Page and Domain Authority is that the former authority revolves around improving ranking of a single page, while the later one deals with knowing about the overall rank of the website. The score can be increased to maximum 100 in both the cases. Even if you are scoring less than average, don’t feel baffled up and start working on the following points to enhance your credibility and for being a threat to your competitors.

Tips to Increase your Domain Authority

1) Work on organizing SEO well

It may not look like a great idea to work on mapping out your URL structure, but trust me, it is going to create an amazing outlook of your SEO objectives. Further, a well defined website structure, keywords, meta tags, alt tags etc. will also play a major role in improving your SEO, therefore taking your DA level to new levels.

2) Produce more ‘Linkable’ content

In order to promote your blog online, it becomes necessary to create a number of linkable content. It is never going to be possible to attract more readers day by day, if your blog is not updated with lots of content on daily basis.

3) Say ‘YES’ to Internal LinkingIncrease Page and Domain Authority

Linking your content internally is a great way to boost your Domain Authority ranking. However, you must ensure that you’ve got abundant content which you can internally link to.

4) Get rid of those injurious backlinks

Such backlinks can be injurious because of their ability to make your profile disruptive. It should be your priority to clear up your profile whenever possible so that spammy content doesn’t affect your profile. You can use perfect backlink generator to create relevant backlinks. It's recommened to create backlinks manually.

Amazing Ways to Increase your Page authority

1) Supreme quality content

Writing content that keeps readers glued to your blog is what should be your primary focus, when you are willing to improve your page authority. If you are capable of building trust and enthusiasm among people regarding your content, you are almost half way through in this battle.

2) Guest Blogging

It is one of the best methods to create lots of qualitative backlinks for your blog posts by opting for ‘Guest Blogging’. The more you become a part of guest blogs, the better it is for your personal blog’s reputation.

3) Effective Backlink mechanism

One must have an in- depth interlinking structure which should be reviewed at least once or twice a week. The best quality authority pages need to be analyzed properly and should be used on exclusively designed pages. Your page should comprise at most 3 layer linking model in order to avoid redundancy in creating internal links.

The above discussed tips, if followed properly, can do wonders in increasing your page and domain authority within a few days. As these ranks keep on fluctuating in search engines, you must make sure that these measures are implemented at regular intervals of time.


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