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If you are striving to monetize your website or blog, getting approval from Google Adsense is what you merely need. Once approved, you’ll be eligible for receiving the best CTR for your webpage. Google Adsense has added some stringent rules and guidelines which the bloggers should follow no matter what. Whether you are just a beginner in this blogging line or have huge experience, you can get Google Adsense approval easily by following certain criteria which is discussed below:

Prepare your blog well before applying

Google Adsense considers various factors which bloggers should keep in mind before applying for getting approval. With an attractive blog structure, you can generate huge traffic towards your webpage. And if you are successful in achieving this objective, you are nowhere far from getting Google Adsense approval.

Supreme quality content

As per Google Adsense, if you are writing unique content for your blog and the word count is at least 500, you are certainly the right person for getting its approval. Any blog that relies on authenticity and creativity holds higher chances of getting Google Adsense Approval.

Let search engines find your website convenientlyGoogle Adsense Approval

You can create unique content with description tags and meta titles. Make sure to keep meta title between 69 characters and meta description between 156 characters only. Don’t forget considering spaces a part of these characters as well. Because of the inability to visit each website, Google Adsense relies on crawler bots to keep a check on your blog. This is where the role of description tags and meta titles comes into existence. So, don’t forget to lay emphasis on these tags for receiving approval from this top most ad network.

Have adequate content on your blog

This is not a hard and fast rule, but you must have at least 25 blog posts published on your blog. The post should consist of at least 500 words, however, there is no certain limit on the maximum number of words to be posted on your blog. As per Google Adsense, bloggers should have certain number of posts, ranging between 3 and 4, under every category, page and tag. 

Use Root Domain

While registering yourself for Google Adsense approval, you must use root domain i.e. instead of

Stay Cautious while inserting images and videos

Adding images and videos to your blog posts makes them look more interesting and attractive. While adding such content, you must ensure that you don’t use copyrighted images and videos. If your posts are accompanied by the copyrighted content, unluckily, you won’t be getting approval from Google Adsense at any cost.

Check if your blog is blocked by Google giant

If you have just started your blog, possibilities are high that you have no idea about checking your respective status. By typing “” on Google, you can find if your blog is blocked or not.

In getting approval from Google Adsense, the number of readers that visit your blog is never going to be counted. This is the thing that you don’t have to worry about at all. All you need to have is certain blog content that is free from any kind of plagiarism and consists of excellent quality.

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