Search Engine Optimization

How To Make a SEO Friendly Website

How to make a SEO friendly Website? Developing a website from SEO point of view is not at all easy. A systemic approach needs to be followed in order to design a website which looks good and is a SEO friendly website. There are certain requirements which need to be kept in mind in order to develop a website from SEO point of view. Let’s have a look at some of the major requirements. Select powerful keywords for the website While designing a website, it’s necessary to select best keywords...
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How to get website traffic by facebook

How facebook can be used efficiently for SEO? One of the main reasons why social media is being considered as so important for SEO is because more and more people are getting connected to sites such as Facebook, Twitter, Youtube and LinkedIn. Hence, if you really want to get maximum traffic for your website then you need to consider social media as your best friend and start implementing the latest strategies. Let us start with Facebook because a recent study has indicated that people on average are spending fourteen minutes daily on Facebook. It means there is...
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All About Domain Authority

‘Domain Authority’ is a term coined by Moz with a view to know the effectiveness of a website as compared to its competitors. It informs you regarding the extent of performance in search engines. By using this metric, a score between 0 (the worst performance) and 100 (the best performance) will be received by the website. This will give a clear picture about how good or bad your site is currently performing. In case, the score of Domain Authority is less, you will at least be aware that you need...
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How To Increase Page Authority and Domain Authority Step By Step

Increase Page and Domain Authority Domain Authority and Page Authority are the most crucial things which need to be considered for improving the rank of your website in search engines. The only difference between Page and Domain Authority is that the former authority revolves around improving ranking of a single page, while the later one deals with knowing about the overall rank of the website. The score can be increased to maximum 100 in both the cases. Even if you are scoring less than average, don’t feel baffled up and start working on...
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Best White Hat SEO Tips and Tricks

What is White-HAT SEO and its benefits? White HAT SEO and Back HAT SEO techniques are used for improving SEO performance. White HAT SEO is used to improve the search performance by accepting all the terms and conditions of a search engine whereas Black HAT SEO techniques improves the search performance by spamming the search engines or by irrelevant methods. Let’s have a look at the benefits of White HAT SEO techniques over Black HAT SEO techniques. White HAT techniques involves less capital White HAT techniques can be applied for...
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5 Most Relevant SEO Strategies

n order to succeed it is important to keep changing according to the time. The same applies with the SEO strategies. There are several new and latest SEO strategies which play an important role in improving the ranking of a website. If you are still working on old SEO strategies, then move on and start using the new and powerful SEO strategies. These strategies will help you to optimize the website performance in more efficient way. Let’s have a look at the 5 most relevant SEO strategies. Focus on mobile...
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6 Major Social Media Optimization Strategies For Higher Rankings

Social media has been widely used by companies, websites, artists, bloggers and many more for several purposes. Some use it for promotions while others use it for sharing views. With billions of internet users present on social media from all over the world, it’s important that a website owner also explores this platform for improving the site performance. Let’s have a look at the top 6 social media optimization strategies that will boost the SEO rankings Try to increase the number of followers A website owner must keep in mind...
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