Search Engine Optimization

How To Increase Website Traffic Step By Step

Create catchy headlines If your headline of the blog article doesn’t influence the readers to go through your content completely, it won’t be working your way anyhow. In contrast to this, if the headline sounds interesting, readers will be convinced easily to read the whole article. Find your niches If you are well versed with a specific niche, start working on it, in order to develop a wider range of knowledge. Having interest in health and beauty products and writing for IT blogs won’t make sense indeed. If you feel...
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Smart Ways of Preventing Google Adsense Ban

Google Adsense is one of the best programmers who make way for the monetization of your blog. Because of increasing cases adsense scams, Google Adsense has come up with strict policies for all those people who run blogs or e- businesses. The terms which are actually being unfollowed by you, even if you have clicked ‘I accept’ will ultimately result in getting your account/ blog banned by Google Adsense. Without causing any delay, refer to these points and find out if this same BAN THREAT revolves around your blog or not....
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SEO benefits of guest posting

If you have ever come across the idea of being a guest blogger on a single or many reputed websites, it’s the right time to transform this amazing piece of your imagination into reality. If you are a beginner in the blogging industry and are desperately finding ways to reach large masses of readers, writing guest blog posts in your niche will prove to be one of the best possible solutions. The SEO benefits of guest posting are mentioned as follows: Higher Authority By writing about your favorite topics in a unique...
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What is the perfect image size for Social Media Marketing?

We all are well versed with the fact that any content posted in the form of an image is more likely to grab the attention of visitors than that ordinary plain- texted content and videos. Images hardly take a few seconds to convey information or fun content to the readers. However, while posting pictures, you must ensure that the size of the image on social media platforms should be good enough, so that the pixels don’t affect its quality in any case. The guide to find the perfect image size...
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Why Organic Search is Better?

Bloggers can attract huge traffic towards their website by using two types of search results: Organic and Non- Organic. Organic search results are the listings which occur in Google Search because of showing huge relevance to the users’ search content. While non- organic search results are completely related with pay per click mechanism of advertising. Even if you are able to draw the attention of a huge customer base towards your website, it doesn’t mean that organic search is no longer required. Here are top 4 reasons which will inspire you to...
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Difference between PPC and SEO which one is better?

PPC and SEO are used to boost traffic to a website. Although, both are doing the same work but are actually different from each other. One of the major difference between PPC and SEO is that viewer’s traffic coming from the search engine is free while the traffic coming from PPC is paid. Before discussing the main differences between SEO and PPC, let’s have a look at what actually PPC and SEO mean. Pay per Click is a process of buying ads which are displayed on the searchable sites with...
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Why content is important for successful SEO?

Why content is important for successful SEO? In last few years, you must have heard this statement numerous times “Content is the King”. Well, content is certainly the king because websites and blogs with thin and duplicate content are getting hit and are being ranked low across search engines. If you are planning to give a boost to your online business and wish to make sure that your website ranks high then make sure to remove the old, duplicate and irrelevant content as early as possible. Let us try to...
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